Childhood Dreams

I can remember as a child dreaming about becoming an actress and a singer; though I could hardly sing but bare with me here. Maybe I watched too match TV and didn’t have any extra-curricular activities to expand my capabilities to dream differently! (Laughs) But looking back I wish that I had remained dreaming this big all throughout. I wish I had remained shooting for the stars. It is far too common for young people to become discouraged when they face a tough childhood or grow up being thought to settle for the 9-5 job. And you know what, along the way I did lose the aspiration to dream big because by the time that I was a sophomore in high school those aspirations left me. But then again, maybe it was because I realized I was tone death and couldn’t actually sing! Hey, but I could still pursue acting, right? I could learn that! Well, then I realized I had to pay thousands to go to school. And where was I going to get those thousands? Nevertheless, many things coincided and I remained in my hometown and decided to study sociology and psychology, free of cost to me (long story). You might say that was 100 to zero real quick, but what can I say; I also have a love for the people too.


Today, when I think about my decision to take on sociology, I think, “Wow, why did I limit myself”? It’s not that I am not proud of this accomplishment but now I know that all things are possible and I understand that I might have been playing it safe. I thought, “Yes this I can do”. Maybe I was afraid of failure at the time. Because, come on, that wasn’t the only way I could help others. My vision was limited. I limited my potential. I lost my desire to dream because I was discouraged as a teen. I didn’t have mentors and people to cheer me on to new heights. You see, the way that God has changed my way of thinking is tremendous. I have had a paradigm shift in terms of what can be possible for me. God is good and he has renewed my mind and restored my desire to dream. It is still a process though. I am learning as I go.

The struggle

Two years ago the Lord told me that I am a business woman and that I would have multiple businesses. Well, fast word two years later, I am living this word. In the beginning, I was super excited about all these things to come forth, and I still am, but within a year and a half I run into a problem. The problem of, “lack of vision”. I have been struggling with the vision of my company GLORYSCENT a beauty and cosmetics company. I have been asking God nonstop literally about everything. What are my branding colors? I want to give to a charity which one should it be? Do you like my name do you like my logo? What do you think about my target customers? Can you help me figure this out? Should I start this blogging thing? Should I do YouTube videos? My lord, the list goes on. It is exhausting. If he wasn’t the most patient and humble being, he may have struck me with lightening. But guess what— when he wasn’t answering, I was over here getting upset and ready to throw a tantrum. I had to ask for forgiveness. The shame lol. The one thing he did let me know was to pursue the blog. So I did.

  <— Actual footage of me getting on Gods nerves.

The Juice

This is where I hit you with the revelation (an unveiling of knowledge) or epiphany. Lol What if He just wants you to dream for yourself? What if he wants you to stop asking Him so many question and put your vision together? What if he wants you to be the visionary; to take a chance and tell him what YOU want? This gives him a chance to glorify himself by making ways where it seemed there was no way.
Something I love about God is that he is so humble and giving. He is the original creator and when He created us he placed within us the ability to create and to dream. He also says to ask and you will receive knock and it will be opened onto you. He loves when we ask Him, but to ask with the faith that you Father will provide. So I’m thinking, what if He is challenging my ability to dream and to not limit his ability to bless my business. Oh ohhh! Dare to dream and don’t limit him in what he wants to do in your life.

“Speak it and watch me bring it forth. Declare it and watch me move in your favor”.

“Speak it and watch me bring it to forth. Declare it and watch me move in your favor”. (1)Free to take as inspiration

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