Someone is waiting for you to fulfill your dream…

I have been inspired! This episode of Jesus and Jollof, which is a podcast hosted by writer and speaker Luvvie Ajayi and comedian and actress Yvonne Orgi from HBO’s Insecure has shook me. I mean all of them do, to be honest. I laugh I get inspired; I even want to cry sometimes because the gems are that juicy. But truly I feel motivated and more than capable to go after my goals after each listen. This episode called “From bottom to breakthrough” has shook me the most so far and after a day of being out in downtown and trying sell my skin care and thinking about what I should write about I needed to hear that. I needed to hear that “Perfection is the enemy of progress” (Thanks Luvvie for that gem because that set the tone for everything after). As a true perfectionist, I would always have to make sure I had everything in order; perfect and precise prior to starting any project. But now I find that this was just a way to procrastinate and delay taking initiative due to fear of failure or not being “good enough”! Because guess what—we all want to be praised and hear words of affirmation. But we dread to hear that someone may not like us. We dread to be judged is what I mean!

When we fear taking a step toward our goal we find ways to say that we are not ready and that we need this or that to get started; and we subsequently continue to add to the list of obstacles. If in fact you do need a few things, just get them. Period. Get started because there is no better time like the present! I have many goals and aspirations I want to pursue be it in business, spiritual life, and family; but I have to understand that the only way to get to the top is to not waste time and get to working. The sooner you start the sooner you get to your destination and see your dreams become a reality, right? So, let’s say good bye to always waiting for things to be perfect because the fact is— that nothing is ever perfect in this world but we simply get better over time. I don’t want to wait any longer to begin working on the vision I have for myself and the things I know that God has called me to do. If I told you that if you don’t take the step soon enough at some point it becomes too late because you have missed the wave, or “kiros”, what would you say?
What you should know right now is that, essentially fear paralyzes you. Do not let fear keep your light from shinning. You must overcome your fears in order to glow up.

Fulfill the dream

Luvvies quote set me up to take Yvonne’s preceding words, “Someone is waiting for you to fulfill your dream so they can tap into something they didn’t even know they needed”. I had to take a pause at this before I fainted. I was deeply touched by this because not only did it correlate to something someone had told me earlier that day but it was also a profound revelation. And to me, this revelation is that, people need each other. But also that your success benefits others (if you want it to, because there are some crazy celebrities out there showing us what not to do)! We don’t do anyone any favors by not coming into our full potential. We make the world a better place by bettering ourselves. Now I’m talking about Michael Jackson’s song starting with the man in the mirror (laughs). No, but seriously our success can be contagious and a blessing to others. Let me go further and say that it should be a blessing to others. These two amazing females have worked tirelessly to reach their dreams, and their success has now given them the ability or platform to speak to many lives and encourage others to keep on pushing and to believe more passionately about the success that is at hand. This could be you! Seriously I mean, Oprah is not going to be around forever. Ellen, Kevin Hart, and everyone you have looked up to growing up, they will need a successor, right? So who’s next?

Someone is waiting for you to fulfill your dream so they can tap into something they didn_t even know they needed - Yvonne Orgi
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2 replies on “Someone is waiting for you to fulfill your dream…

  1. Wow this touched me so much and it’s only your first one so happy you decided to go for it.. I’m so inspired by you ❤️


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