Some friends wont make it the full course of your success

It’s such a tough pill to swallow, but there are friends who will not remain your friends. They will be…gone with the wind? (pun intended). Not forgotten but just not the right fit for the life you are trying to cultivate. And you know what—it’s okay.

Partner in crime

We all desire to have that one friend that we can call at any time of the day; that friend with whom the vibe is so lit, you can finish each others’ sentence. We all desire that friend we can pour out our feelings to. We want that friend with who we can hang with, watch Netflix and drink some wine. Whatever it maybe. But you want that partner in crime. That person you call to ask if you should buy the jeans or not, or to help you respond to a difficult text message.

As humans we all want to be heard and understood and to be loved unconditionally. It’s a blessing if you have this relationship. I have heard females yearn for this type of friendship. But to be completely honest with you, some of us need to keep in mind that there are friends that do not fit the lifestyle we are working towards. This becomes difficult when you’ve had the partner is crime relationship I explained above and somehow fade apart. It’s not easy to let go of the memories. We might ask ourselves, “What happened and why do we not vibe this way anymore?”.

The fact is that we can’t force a relationship that has different values, ideals or morals. A good friendship and a good relationship is built upon similar values. There are times where you will start an amazing friendship with an individual but as you evolve– you may become unrelatable to them. If that person is not evolving as well, the bond will be loosened and you will go your separate ways. This does not mean that this will happen to all friendships, but definitely to those friendships that are not evolving together. If there is no growth, surely there is death. Right?


For example, you and a friend have been exclusively tight with for years. You two party together every weekend and then go to your regular 9-5 job during the week. Or go to school full time during the week. But if partying was the only thing that linked you two together the moment you decide you don’t want to live that lifestyle, the friendship will suffer. And this is okay, because your friendships speak lengths about who you are.

If you decide you want to pursue you dream of becoming an actor, a writer or to launch your business but your friend doesn’t seem very excited about your new goals, there’s a problem. If your “friend” seems to not want to talk about your business or even go to any special events to support your vision, there’s a problem. At the end of the day you want a friendship that thrives on support, on pushing each other to BE better and to DO better.

There are those friends that we just want to push sometimes. Those friends we see so much potential in and we can even envision us achieving great means and living our best life. But, if they do not have a mentality of growth– this friendship will fade. And it does not mean that you have to cut the person from your life but to understand that the relationship is changing based on decisions you have both made according to your values. This is also okay.

Like Minded People

We must continue to work towards our goals and towards our purpose. And yes, our own personal goals can be different from our purpose! (Let me know if you want to read a little about that in the comments). Once you set yourself on pursuing a certain direction in your life, you will inevitably encounter those who share your values. If you’re an entrepreneur you will do things entrepreneurs do and will find yourself in a room full of entrepreneurs doing what entrepreneurs do! You will also speak a different language which only those aligned with your perspective can understand. And so, you begin to build a circle of people at are like minded; people that challenge you and that may offer different opportunities as well.

Wrapping it up

What I want to communicate to you is that it’s normal and okay to lose friendships as you are pursuing your own view of success. Do not delay on forcing or mourning friendships that essentially do not add to you but actually drain your faith. It may sound a bit selfish, but this is the truth of life. Some people just won’t remain life long friends because of the difference in mentality and the faith we have to go after our vision. Seek friends that are compatible with you. Don’t worry true friends will come around. Do you boo boo !

Make sure to leave your comments below! I want to hear what you think!

At the end of the day you want a friendship that thrives on support, on pushing each other to BE better and to DO better.
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