These few days I’ve been thinking about the urgency everyone has to “make things happen” in their life. But not just make things happen but also to let others know they’re making things happen. In other words, there’s a culture these days that if you aren’t posting everything on social media or if you are not seen doing new things that you are not up to anything. As if social media has to say everything about your new ideas and projects. Some people are in such a rush to make it big, whatever that may mean for them, that they forget about enjoying the process. Others are so caught up trying to appear to be something that they are not that they loose their essence– what makes them who they are and the reason they started. And there are still others who want to run before they can walk. But I know there are many out there low key hustling; not worrying about posting their new projects so people can see that they are hustling. I know they are working on amazing things on the low.

Loosing Your Essence

When a person looses their essence, I mean that they loose themselves. They have forgotten the reason they started their journey in the first place. They have become so caught up in reaching success that they are hardly thinking about the content they’re putting out there or are hardly thinking about the quality of what they are offering their audience. I feel a little sadness when I think about this because we should be giving our best to the world and to those who we would like to be a customer of our product. I’m very big on integrity and excellence. I’m not sure if this sounds cliché to you, but to me these are actual principles. I believe in giving credit to where credit is due and being transparent as well as giving my best to those that deserve the best. Even if they don’t expect the best. I want to give the best because I owe it to myself as well.

Running Before You Can Walk

When I first started Gloryscent I wanted to do everything. I wanted to make skincare products, lotions and butters and facial masks and body oils, face oils. I was so excited to experiment and have people try my experiments.

You’re probably like, “Try your experiments?” I know its terrible.

So I had to go back and think about what I am passionate about and what company I’m trying to build. I was trying to create to many of these products so I was stressing so all the time because of the pressure I placed on myself. I wanted to say that I offered all of these things so I can appear more legit! This way of thinking was very child like, because anyone that what it takes to build a business can tell you— its not about the quantity of the products you offer but its about the quality, the brand, and who you are targeting. You have to make sure you’re good at what you do! I didn’t want to “low key hustle” I wanted to do everything really fast so I can sell my products and be seen as legit. These days I’m more concerned about learning and perfecting my craft than trying to take the world of cosmetics by storm with little professionalism. OKUURR!

Real Gs move in silence

Its interesting because I had planned to write about this since last week. I had the title written down and everything, but this today I was listening to the podcast Rants and Randomness hosted By Luvvie Ajaji. I knew it had Wakanda in the name but the meaning didn’t register in my mind until I’m finishing up this blog post. The name of the podcast is “Reals Gs move in silence like Wakanda”. I just understood it…hours later. Wakanda, in marvel comics is the worlds most technologically advanced a country and its based in the African continent, but no one knows it. I’m laughing at my self because I just understood the name and it so happens that I’m trying to communicate this same message as well.

The point is, you don’t have to post everything you are up to on social media so people can validate your plans and goals or to feel like you are doing your best. Its okay to make moves in silence because the pressure is less and you can concentrate on your craft and all the different areas of your project. There are many benefits to moving in silence, for example 1) You don’t have to deal with peoples’ negativity 2) You don’t feel pressure to update anyone on your project 3) If it falls through nobody has to know 4) you can concentrate on the details instead of appearance 5). You have to know the worth of your project and what differentiates you from others. I’ve come to understand that if a person knows their value–they wont need to constantly post about how great their idea is or constantly look for validation from people they don’t even know. I’m not saying that it is wrong to post your projects but just be aware that in some cases it is done for the wrong reasons because there are times where this is done to build awareness. All I’m saying is to be aware that low key hustling is not a bad thing. It may actual be an advantage.

low key hustling
Go check out Luvvie Ajayi  podcast Rants and Randomness! 

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