I’ve been feeling a type of way lately. Allow me to share with you what’s cooking up inside of me. This is something that has been brought to my attention as I pursue my goals and walk towards my purpose.

I have mentioned the importance of authenticity; let me be honest and tell you that I have been trying to follow that advice. But as an individual who believes and stands by the word of God, this can be a bit challenging when you are starting a business a blog or what ever it maybe. Because the truth is that the name Jesus is not so hot these days. The name Jesus is like a subliminal challenge to many. I recall that for a long time I was very careful about posting anything controversial in my social media platforms, but now a days everything is almost deemed as controversial! Many people live their life’s unapologetically whether their life styles are morally upstanding or not; because what does that mean anyway? To many– morality is just a social construct. So, I want to also live my life unapologetically Christian as well. Remember Christ calls us to love each other regardless of the circumstances and the differences. And we need to get back to this teaching— to be Christian is to love God above all things and to love your neighbor as you love yourself regardless of how you view their lifestyle. 

As a Christian, I am called to preach and spread the word of God. And the truth is that if an individual has a relationship with God and lives by his principles this means that his word will simply pour out in the way they speak and carry themselves. I can not hide this part of my life because this is what has made me the person I am today, I refuse to become a people pleaser and to conform to the ways of others. I understand that I am called to be head and not the tail; which to me also includes being a leader and not a follower an influencer and not the influenced. I am entitled and called to live a life unapologetically Christian. 

This has been cooking up inside me for a little while now, as I am moved into certain platforms. And honestly, it has been a challenge for me, believe it or not. I remember someone told me I should think twice about giving God a spotlight in my business. And I was felt so confronted; not because the person said this but because it was a challenge to my faith. I was placed in a position where I either gave credit to God for what he began in my life or whether I should hide him to make people feel “comfortable” investing in my brand. Crazy, right? Many times we believe that we need to keep our real selves locked away from the public eye, but I’ve come to realize that this is only because of fear; fear of neglect, fear of disapproval and of backlash. But guess what my friends, people will always have something to say! So whether you are a Christian or not I challenge you to live your real self. To be unapologetically you. The best way to make a difference in the world is to be yourself, to speak your truth but most importantly to love others while their being unapologetically them. And I am not talking about not taking advice or being foolish and not working on your character but to be real as you pursue that refining of self. 

I hope that as a entrepreneur, who happens to be a Christian, I am able to share self love and love for our peers and be a channel for others to know the God who equipped and refined my me. I also hope that as I build an empire for myself, others do not just view me as that Christian woman but just as someone who was able to work her way to where she is and who overcame the obstacles thrown at her from childhood to adulthood. I am not only here to inspire Christians but also to impart hope into those who are not of this faith and to inspire those who have been told that they don’t have what it takes to reach great heights. 

I hope that as I build my skincare business the public is not fixed on the fact that I am of Christian faith and may just focus on the fact that its an awesome skincare line. But for those that want to support because of this reason, well Glory to God for you support! Ill end it here for now! I can go on forever on this topic. 

Thank you for reading along I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! Because it is that time of the year already!

P.S Remember to leave your thoughts below I am curious to hear what you think!


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2 replies on “Unapologetically, Christian

  1. “Be the influencer and not the influenced”, nice words, i usual see myself unconsciously re-editing my post to remove words that i feel are not socially acceptable,

    in retrospect those words are words that have to do with me expressing my faith as a christian and giving glory to GOD.

    But not anymore,
    thanks for this post.



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