Hello wonderful people. I have a juicy topic for you all to dive into this week!

Call me crazy but I am super excited because I had a breakthrough in my mindset last week. But first I am thrilled to share with you a couple things. One, I would like to share that I am now a full time entrepreneur. Meaning that I am working on my business endeavors full time. This is fantastic right? Glory to God. And due to this reason I have been doing a lot of research on the business and I came to a very important area that I knew was going to be a great obstacle for me to figure out; many risks are involved. But for some odd reason I become so excited to overcome in this area. The amount of excitement I felt to fight this giant was unparalleled to anything else I have felt before. I suppose I can describe it as that feeling you get when you’re facing the competition and you just cant wait to tackle it.

Maybe how this little one feels lol

Do I sound crazy yet! I guess this is when you are sure that you will have the victory! I thank God for this supernatural FAITH. That’s what it is! Incredible faith and assurance that you will see this come to pass. Before this happened I was not so excited though. I had a meeting with someone regarding the business and I didn’t quite get the reaction I was hoping for and this left me a bit downcast for the night but surely the next day, I began to look for the solution and the second day I was submerged in confidence that I will in fact overcome and speak about it later. Eyyy!

Not everything in life is going to come easy. In fact, the most precious things in life take work and effort to achieve. Marriage and relationships take work, getting healthy, getting to the top of a mountain to enjoy a breathtaking site. It all requires work and determination! Now you think that building a business from the ground up is going to be any different?

I would like to encourage you to become excited about overcoming the challenges ahead! Activate that warrior spirit, that fighting spirit, that go-getter mentality, because this is the way that you will pull through the circumstances and remain afloat. If you allow yourself to become discouraged; this will be the start to your downfall because discouragement is the lack of faith. Not only is it the unbelieve that you can achieve, but it also works similarly to fear. I believe discouragement, also like fear, paralyzes you. Because of the lack of faith thereof, your actions began to diminish and you become stagnant. I exhort you to fight against discouragement by taking actions. Many people, I can imagine, probably wonder how to fight against this and I believe the way to fight discouragement is to continue to pursue the solution, continue to pursue the answer. The word of God says,” seek and you will find, ask and it shall be given onto you”. As you can see there is an action that you must take in order for you to receive and to find. Success and victories will not come unless you get into the battle field. Lets get competitive with ourselves; not against anyone else.

Let’s wrestle with our own limitations!

This is part of a series of chats on mindset and mentality so don’t miss the upcoming ones by following the blog. Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

Bye bye!

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