The decision to plan ahead could bring you from a life of poverty to a future of wealth. Life is full of seasons of struggles and joy but we never know when these seasons will shift or when tragedy is going to hit. Yet, we can still equip ourselves for some of these situations. For example, when we save part of our income this prepares us for times of unexpected financial crisis. But if you don’t save then what happens when someone gets laid off or when there’s an unexpected payment to be made? The impact of this unexpected hit wouldn’t be so great if you had planned ahead. The majority of Americans live pay check to pay check, but I believe this is impart due to our inability to discipling ourselves and save. What if you have been saving for years and there was a large sum of money in your savings and there come this wonderful business opportunity for you to take? This would be amazing! But only if you had saved. There’s this quote that hits home and I’m sure some of you have heard it. I think the first time I saw it was on someone’s Instagram!

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”

This quote right here is everything. I’ve always said I don’t believe in luck and I think this speaks on that. There are many times when people say, “Oh you’re so lucky you have everything together”. And its like… its not that I have everything together but I have been disciplined in preparing and making moves to get to where I am. If you are hustling researching and making moves to pick up or start your business and along the way you find someone who would like to invest in your idea; this is your blessing. “Success is inevitable when your preparation meets opportunity”(another version of the quote above). As long as you are working and hustling God will position others to give you a hand and lift you up. But no one wants to throw away their time with someone who isn’t making moves. Before you ask for a loan you need to have a business plan. No knowledgeable investor or bank is going to hand over their money to someone who does not have a plan on how to scale the business. Some people think, “If I only had a million dollar, oh man”. But what are you going to do with that money? How will you use this money to make you more money, because at some point this income is going to run dry. So, it is necessary to plan ahead to equip yourself for when that opportunity of a million dollar comes along, you are the one better positioned to receive it.

Let me take this a little further.

Don’t wait for the storm to hit to get ready; prepare spiritually, financially and physically for the things to come. Because when the storm hits you are equipped to overcome a lot faster. There are many that only dig in the word when times are rough or only seek the Lord they are in trouble but let me tell you that if you are consistent in the word when tough times hit the Holy Spirit will bring to remembrance the word of God to help you through the situation. When someone is coming at you with some nonsense the word of the Lord will be quick in your heart to deal with the situation. When you are loaded with prayers and presence of God it will easier to handle the pressure. Don’t wait until later to equip yourself physically because if sickness strikes your body will be recover much faster when you life a healthy lifestyle.

So as you can see you have to be ready and prepare ahead of time in order to receive your blessings and also to overcome tough circumstances when they present themselves. Not only do you have to prepare and hustle for business but you also should prepare financially and most importantly spiritually. When you are spiritually equipped there is nothing you cant overcome.

Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house. Proverbs 24:27


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