Hello beautiful people! Its been a hot minute it seems…because it has. I wanted to have a chat with you’ll about the meaning of self care, because there is so much buzz about this concept and it all seems to be wrapped up around “how do you pamper yourself”. Essentially, when most individuals ask about self care they have this in mind.

Though I love to take a long shower and go through my 10 step skin care regimen (pause), this is just one area of taking care of myself and my sanity. Self care is such an American thing, because in this country we are constantly on the move that its easy to forget to look inwardly and assess if we are actually okay. Mind you, we can constantly be on the move and honestly not get anything done. The frenzy can be a state of being; something we are so used to do doing that it becomes hard to turn off. Not that other people living outside of the USA don’t have self care but simply that they probably are not making such a buzz or a “trend”. In reality, it is in fact a need which needs to be incorporated on the regular.

What I would like some of you to realize, is that because we are constantly in this frenzy with so much going on and what seems to be so little time, we have to take a moment to asses and organize. Somethings are not going to be solved by putting on a face mask and getting a massage. Though you can start the day this way I would advice to make organizing your responsibilities, your home, bills as part of your self care. I must to say that pampering is great, but its just a good start to what really needs to happen, which is to start taking responsibility for the work to be done, because after you’re done pampering yourself the work still remains and you’re stressed all over again. Self care means facing the problems and solving them because the peace that you get from the weight being lifted is unparalleled to any 10 step skincare regimen and a massage.

This is not to say that taking time to read, go shopping, or visit your esthetician is a bad thing but simply that they cant be an escape. Oh! Maybe it can be a reward for working hard and getting things done…? The problem with the concept of self care is not a bad thing its just simply how some of us bend it to procrastinate or avoid doing the work. This is not healthy and is truly hindering your progress and mental  health. So lets switch it up and think of self care a bit differently.

The word of God encourages us to be hard workers and not leave things for the last minute. Why leave the things you can do today to do it tomorrow?

Proverbs 14:23 -All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

Proverbs 20:4- sluggards do not plow in season; so at harvest time they look but find nothing.

These proverbs are deep right! Take time to mediate on them. I’m sure it will bless you. Let me Know on the comments what self care means to you!

Until next time,


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