Launched October 2018 as a site for entrepreneurs, go getters, boss babes and those who are interested in “Reigning in life”, for those females who want to live in confidence and fearlessness. There are many women who fear going after their vision and in this site, they are encouraged with assurance that they are more than capable. This site is where business, faith and skincare come together.

If you are an entrepreneur or aspire to be an entrepreneur, this is a great place for you to learn from my mistakes and of course the many lessons I’ve learned along the way. Faith and real life insight is something that this blog will dive into, because this is what edifies and keeps us going. Now you ask how does skincare come into okay? Well, I’m building a beauty and skincare business, called Gloryscent! I don’t know all the ins and out of building this business, but as I go about building and scaling the business, I’ll be sharing my experience and newly acquired knowledge.

The word of God teaches that we should give by grace what we have received by grace. To me this means that the things I have learned is to be shared and not kept for myself; it should be shared with those who are also hungry for the knowledge. And with this mentality, I built this platform. In the beginning I was trying to find a way to gain exposure for my business and I thought YouTube and blogging would be a great idea but I realized that it could be so much more. I realized that the female empowerment aspect of Gloryscent could sprout from this source! It was a difficult decision and to muster up the courage it took weeks and a lot of asking God. But when he gave me the green light I didn’t hesitate anymore. I mean why would I when the creator of everything says yes! I was also inspired by writer Luvvie Ajayi, actress Yvonne Orgi, as well as blogger Sazan Hendrix. Three very different females, but each with their own unique qualities.

If I may be honest, my life is summing up to be everything that I did not expect it to be. I expected to be working a regular 9-5 after I graduated Umass  with my Sociology Degree. The last thing I had in mind a couple years ago was to be working towards a business of my own. I did not grow up with a mentality in entrepreneurship, but as I grew in my identity as a child of God and woman of many qualities, the limitations began to come off and I began to aspire and dream for greater. As a woman of color and of Dominican culture, I grew up believing that I had to straighten my hair in order to look beautiful. When I was confronted with this false believe, I couldn’t shake it off. I had to accept myself for who I was and embrace my hair and all of me. Though it was a difficult decision it was one of the best I have made, because by way of it came the idea that I could make my own products and build a business. I mean, I was making little products for myself already. After this idea everything else began to follow and here I am today; pursuing my dreams and purposely exploiting my potential with the mentality that I will see them blossom!


Rafaela González

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